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507 Sand Lake Rd
Onalaska, WI 
(608) 304-7635

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Life Path Connections & Massage Therapy is here to help others relax, decompress and find pain relief. This business is more than just massage. We are here to find that balance in life, seek purpose, assist in reaching your higher state of self awareness, and Identify opportunities that people may not have been aware of at the beginning of their journey. Mind, Body, and spirit are three essential components that need balance just like family life, love life, work life, and recreational life. Balance is key to helping people and it all starts with Self Awareness. This is accomplished through massage to manage the body and stress it carries. Life coaching to organize your life, accomplish goals, and manage responsibilities. Life path tarot to identify spiritual issues, give guidance, and pass messages that come through during the reading. Lastly, Reiki to help balance the energy throughout the body. Some misunderstand tarot as part of the religious barrier, but I welcome you to what it really is and not what it has been stereotyped as in our Services Section. 


Now Accepting Debit/Credit Card Payments. Cash Preferred. Apologies, No Checks Accepted.
Miranda Lynn
Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Ususi Reiki Master, Clairvoyant Tarot Reader
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