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Pledge of Service from Miranda Lynn:

I just want to thank you for taking interest in the services I offer, and read about all the services I provide to anyone who comes through my doors. I wanted to share some personal Ideologies I have for you to better understand my intent and why I choose to do what I do for people.


Please know that I do fully understand the Religious barriers that will wall up clients from getting information they may need in tarot. I do tarot because messages come through to the person I am giving the reading to. These messages happen because the reading I give is powerful for the person receiving it.  I am also absolutely okay with being misunderstood by people with these barriers who do not believe in it.  But this is why I try to have a variety of tools to help anyone who walks through my doors regardless of your belief system, religion, race, sexual orientation, abilities, or disabilities. I do not judge you as a person, where you come from, who you have been with, bad or good choices you have made. There are reasons those things have happened in your life. My office is a safe place for you to be yourself and for me to help you find yourself and assist in making, reaching, and accomplishing your goals in life so you are better off than where you were. 

I am a spiritual person and my intention with what I do is not to do harm. I may be clairvoyant but I do not use it in a way that is unethical. My goal for all clients is looking at the possibilities that follow when you start making life changes and point you to a new version of yourself in the mind of higher state of self awareness. It's your future self and a path to get to it. I do not believe that we have just one path. We have free will to change our path. 

I can't tell you how much joy I receive when I see a person's light turn on and they are able to see what the universe has been trying to tell them. I can't express how happy I am for people who complete the life coaching programs and reach their goals. I can't express enough how much joy I have for people who leave my office feeling relief from stress, anxiety, and pain after a reiki or massage session. This is why I do what I do. It is a beautiful thing and I am honored to be a part of every single service I provide. 

Thank you Sincerely,

Miranda Lynn

LMT, Life Coach, Usui Reiki Master, Life Path Tarot Reader

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