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Swedish Massage
60 min        $60
90min         $95
120min        $140


Life Coaching
60min         $35

Deep Tissue Massage
60min          $75
90min          $115

45min       $50

LIfe Path Tarot Reading
45-60min          $50

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the Backbone of Life Path Connections and Massage Therapy. Here to relax the mind, ease pain in the body, increase range of motion with either Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. Swedish massage is to encourage relaxation of the body and mind. Deep tissue is a slow, high pressure massage. Life Path Connections and Massage Therapy does have a more clinical approach for ones who do not seek a full body and want a more focused session on an issue area using a variety of techniques. It has been found that active motion combined with pin & stretch to a targeted area is effective to relieve tension that causes pain in difficult areas. Many find this much more enjoyable than trigger point therapy and can speed up the process of reaching our end goal. In most cases that is increased Range of Motion and decreased stiffness.  


Reiki is an excellent energetic balancing addition to massage therapy to help get your chakras spinning and energy flowing again in the body. This is at no additional fee to add to your Swedish massage. Life Path Connections and Massage Therapy offer a focused reiki session for people in a 45 minute to an hour session, some hands on and some hands off, to help balance the body and cleanse your energy. It is hand positioning on or above the resting body with the intention to energize the body. In most cases, people tend to feel a relief emotionally and at times there can be a physical reaction like crying or breathing heavily. Reiki is effective in
activating the parasympathetic nervous system, quantitatively
measured as reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure,
and increased heart rate variability. Setting the intention to
help the body can result in many positive responses from
the body. There can also be some unexpected physical
reactions in areas of the body that need energetic attention,
for example darker urine or spotting, weakness, or headache.
Some consider these a negative response but just like a new
diet, the body has to adjust and it takes time. 

Usui Reiki Foot Chackra Balancing

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a service offered for people who need help getting their personal life together so they do not have to go through it alone. Everyone's situation is different. Whether it's to break bad habits or to improve their personal situation, maybe they need to build new skills, or simply to hold them accountable to reaching their goals. The best part is having someone congratulate them for accomplishing those goals. People that look for this service are looking for balance in their different lives and improving all areas of life. 


We look at the 6 areas to start with:

  • Romance/love life:  Whether it is self love or a partner. Is it healthy or unhappy?

  • Work life: How you feel about it. What's the space like that you work in?

  • Health/fitness: Exercise, diet, hygiene, and medical care if needed. What are you doing to your body? 

  • Family/Friends:  Favorite question to ask is “WHO ARE THE 5 CLOSEST PEOPLE TO YOU?”  Do you have “good” friends? What does your support look like? 

  • Self Care:  meditation, prayer, hobbies. What do you do for fun? How do you decompress?

  • Money: Are you happy with what you make? Do you have savings? Debt?

  • Emotional Health: How do you feel about you? Self reflection.What do you see when you see yourself? 

A huge part of this program is still SELF AWARENESS, self care, self love, and helping you look around you for opportunities you didn't see before.There are so many things that we can start doing to improve and be aware of to get them to where they want to be.  LIfe Path Connections and Massage Therapy is a big supporter in practicing these habits in session to get them started and a resource if you need more than just a coach. There are a  lot of different referrals to help you find additional help you need whether it's for you or a loved one. 

THIS IS NOT COUNSELING OR THERAPY. You should never replace your professional services with life coaching, HOWEVER,  it is a wonderful ADDITION to those professional services.


Life Path Tarot Reading

We all think we know what tarot is, a deck of cards that supposedly tell you your future. What people don't know is that NOT ALL TAROT IS THE SAME. Life Path Tarot readings done by Miranda Lynn are focused on pointing a person into a direction in order to find their soul purpose in addition to helping them reach a higher state of awareness. The individual takes the information and does the work. The rest falls into place. There are many out there who misunderstand this tarot reading service and see it as what the media has made it seem. Cards telling your fate. This is absolutely not the case. This is completely understandable given that the media has made it a taboo instead of showing us what the real purpose of this communication medium is. 


She is here to tell everyone the intention is not to 

take away life's mystery, or take away free will.

The intent is not to give information that could

damage someone because they’ve obsessed over

information that we cannot say is concrete truth.

 The information is about you, your mind, your

struggles, your choices. The intention is to bring

closure to those who seek, confirm what they may

already know, and give  important information about

where they are in life. This may also include

possibilities when making life changes. These are

powerful readings and trigger messages whether one

believes or not. It is there to guide you.

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